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Oct 01, 2004 · For many contractors, pouring concrete in cold weather is a nerve-wracking experience -— so much so, that they shorten their construction season to avoid problems associated with cold pouring.


provide concrete placement at temperatures down to 20 oF (-7 C). PRODUCTS APPLICATIONS ACCELGUARD STANDARD ACCELGUARD HE • Cold weather concreting • Freeze-resistant concrete • Fast track construction • Fast track repair projects • Ready mix • Precast/prestressed CHLORIDE ACCELGUARD 80 ACCELGUARD 90 ACCELGUARD ACN 200 ACCELGUARD NCA


How does hot/cold weather affect concrete? Concrete is temperature sensitive; it sets quickly in hot weather and slowly in cold weather. The addition of admixtures is often used to slow the set time (retarder) during hot weather and to speed up the set time (accelerators) in cold weather. Hot weather can create difficulties in fresh concrete

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Jun 30, 2015 · Tips For Pumping Concrete In Cold Weather. If you are going to be concrete pumping in cold weather, you will run into problems you wouldn't have had to deal with when pumping in moderate weather conditions. You want to consider following the advice in this article to avoid running into a lot of avoidable problems when concrete pumping in the cold.


Successful Cold Weather Concreting Practices. 3/4/2015 25 52 Quality concrete can be successfully placed at low ambient temperatures ACI 306R Guide, ACI 306 specification and ACI 308 Guide should be followed More cement, Type III Cement, heat and/or accelerating admixtures may all be used to

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Steve is now a voting member of ACI 302 (Construction of Concrete Floors), ACI 640 (Craftsman Certification) and is an associate member of ACI 360 (Designs of Slabs on Ground), ACI 306 (Cold Weather Concrete) and he is a certified fiber installer. Steve is a former Region 4 director of ACPA (American Concrete Pumping Association).

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From cold weather concrete to mass concrete, we are leaders in the industry. Our foremen and tradesmen and women work safely and efficiently to meet all quality and schedule requirements for every project. Concrete Pumping. With in-house concrete pumping …


How does hot/cold weather affect concrete? Concrete is temperature sensitive; it sets quickly in hot weather and slowly in cold weather. The addition of admixtures is often used to slow the set time (retarder) during hot weather and to speed up the set time (accelerators) in cold weather. Hot weather can create difficulties in fresh concrete

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Being properly prepared is particularly important when pouring decorative concrete in cold weather. Low temperatures – below 4.4C – can cause curing issues, strength problems and cracking. Dealing with frozen ground. Avoid placing concrete on frozen ground, snow or ice, which will cool the concrete and slow down setting.

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Feb 21, 2013 · If the concrete should freeze in the boom, pumping will stop until the machine has been warmed up. Fortunately, concrete will stop setting when it has …

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Dec 21, 2020 · The general category of "cold weather concrete" applies to a period of three days or more where specific conditions occur while concrete is exposed. Per the American Concrete Institute, here is what those different weather conditions entail: — An average daily air temperature lower than 40°F.

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Aug 10, 2021 · ---Close---There is a lot more to cold-weather concrete than just preventing freezing. This webinar will discuss the reasons to protect concrete in cold weather, the ACI definition of cold weather, methods to protect concrete from freezing, and other topics beneficial to contractors, designers, owners, and suppliers who design and build projects in cold weather.

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hot | cold weather concreting Weather conditions greatly affect concrete quality. The temperature of the air, humidity level, wind speed, and temperatures of the surface where concrete is to be placed, all play an important role in the quality of concrete and must be taken into consideration.

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Mar 29, 2021 · Cold weather concrete can be classified as a period of more than three days where some specific conditions occur under certain temperatures. The American Concrete Institute under ACI 306 defines that concrete will be exposed to cold weather "when the air temperature has fallen to, or is expected to fall, below 40°F (5°C) during the protection period.

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8 Tips for Pouring Concrete in Cold Weather in Winter . Before pouring concrete in cold weather, you must warm and prepare the ground and water to prevent shocking the concrete RediMix suppliers should preheat water and aggregates to mix with the cement to 140˚F and 180˚F (60˚C and 82˚C) to offset the cold weather Remove the ice, snow, and water from the area of the pour

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Products & Services | nlc-inc. Our Goal. Our goal is to provide high quality ready mix concrete and materials to contractors and homeowners alike throughout Northern Wisconsin. Our History. Northern Lakes Concrete was founded in 1998 to satisfy the need for quality concrete in Northern Wisconsin. . We have plant locations in Eagle River, Hurley

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